His and Hers

Tigers Eye mix with evil eye, crown for her. Sun and black pave accents for him.


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Tigers Eye mix with evil eye, crown for her; 7' wrist. Sun and black pave accents for him; 8' wrist.

In early 2012, what began as a hobby for Chyna's personal accessory delights, flourished into a growing business. Blessed with an eye for spotting colors, shapes and textures to create fun and appealing combinations, Chyna specializes in handcrafting jewelry using organic, vintage and semi precious elements. The Accessory Closet also houses a variety of artistic handpicked pieces, thus covering everything you could want or need when it comes to accessorizing. While Chyna pulls inspiration from the ever evolving fashion industry, she keeps her clients current by offering a range of styles and creating trendsetting pieces. From bold and chunky to elegant and sophisticated, transitioning from work to play has never been easier. Need help reinventing your style or choosing go-to accessories for your collection? Let Chyna, lead designer and shopper, adorn you.

99% of our sweet pieces are customized! Therefore, while we don’t honor refunds or exchanges, should a concern arise, you are encouraged to contact store owner to discuss.