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Shopping Online or On-The-Go

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Closet Raider

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Virtual Shopping companion

A consumer based retail shopping tool. Offering a live stream session with a professional wardrobe stylist, wile you’re shopping online, on-the-go, or from your very own closet.

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Simplify Your Shopping Experience

WEAR THIS, INC is the next generation of fashion eCommerce.

  • Personalized shopping recommendations across multiple designers, brands and retailers in one place
  • Expert fashion advice
  • We show you how to maintain your personal “look” – and how to update it as the seasons change.
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Landing page Flow (not logged in):
  • Welcome video (for people not logged in)
  • Link for vendors: Become a Partner
  • DELETE Demo Video Buttons for vendors & and for shoppers (popup videos on click)
  • Whats trending products slider module (non functional, if item clicked takes to “join us” or membership page to sign up
  • “Get Started” as a word with link to the in-take survey


Interested in shopping for unique styles that match your personal preferences?


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