Guide to Creating and Editing Products

WEAR THIS, INC.‘s guidelines below for optimal product listings.

Create a new product from your Store Dashboard:

  1. Click “Products” on the left hand menu.
  2. Click the “Add new product” button.
  3. In the pop-up window: Enter a Product name and short description (~150 characters); you can enter a longer description on the next page.
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  1. Click “Create product” to launch full Edit Product page.
  2. Upload a product cover image. We recommend a minimum of 500 pixels wide.
  3. Click plus sign to add more images to product gallery. For best results, your product images should all have the same dimensions.
  4. Title is already in place from the pop-up window. 
  5. Select product type:
    1. Simple — Choose this if your product has no variations – i.e., it’s available in only one size, one color, etc.
    2. Variable — Choose this if your product has attributes like sizes or colors – you will define these later on the page.
  6. Pricing
    1. If you are creating a simple product or if you are creating a variable product where all variations have the same price, enter a price.
    2. If applicable, enter a discounted price. If you are entering a discounted price, you can optionally click “Schedule” to select a date range for the discounted price.
  7. Click “Product Featured Video” to expand section:

    1. Copy and paste YouTube video link into “Featured video URL” field.
    2. Optional: click “Product Featured Video” to close section.
  8. Click “Product Attributes” to expand section:

    1. These attributes will allow customers to see your products on their shopping pages and in search results. Only select attributes that match the product you are currently editing. If your product comes in multiple colors, select all relevant colors here.
    2. Optional: click “Product Attributes” to close section.
  9. Click “Size Chart, Material Type, and Care Instructions” to expand section and enter information.

    1. Upload an optional size chart for this product (must be an image file).
    2. Enter Material type and Care Instructions in the appropriate fields.
    3. Optional: click “Size Chart, Material Type, and Care Instructions” to close section.
  10. Descriptions
    1.  Short Description is already in place from the pop-up window. 
    2. Enter a full description to appear below the product image(s).

    — If this is a simple product (see #8) go to 14; if you chose variable, go to #15. 

  11. Click “Inventory” to expand section (for Simple products):

    1. If you would like to manage the stock quantity available through WEAR THIS, Inc., check ‘Enable product stock management’.
    2. Enter stock quantity and indicate whether or not you will allow backorders of this product.
    3. Optional: click “Inventory” to close section.
  12. Click “Shipping and Tax” to expand section:

    The system will use this information to automatically calculate shipping costs. Shipping costs will be added to the checkout total when a purchase is made.
      1. Enter product weight & dimensions (including packaging).
      2. Use the Shipping Class drop down field to choose a shipping carrier: USPS, UPS, FedEx,
      3. Optional: override your store’s default shipping cost for this product to add additional shipping costs.
      4. Optional: click “Inventory” to close section.

    If this is a variable product (see #8) go to 16; if you chose simple, go to #18

  13. Click “Attribute and Variation”:

    1. Click “Add attribute” button to create a new attribute (i.e: size).
    2. Enter the name of the attribute (ie: size) and enter the attribute values with a ‘|’ after each value. For example:
      Name: Size Value(s): Small|Medium|Large|
    3. Select “Visible on the Product Page” in order to show these options to customers (just visible, can’t be selected).
    4. Select “Used for Variations” in order to show these options to customers so they can specify which attributes they want before adding merch to their cart.
    5. Click Save attribute.
  14. Enter variations information in order to enter separate SKUs and stock quantities for each variation.

    1. Use “Add Variation” dropdown menu to select “Create variations from all attributes” and click Go.
    2. Click OK to the confirmation – Are you sure you want to link all variations?
    3. Click OK to the pop-up telling you how many variations were created.
    4. Set default attribute(s), if desired.
    5. For each new variation, click to expand the section and select/enter the following:
      1. Check Enabled.
      2. Check Manage stock? if you want to indicate how many items you have of each variation.
      3. Click to upload an image specific to the variation.
      4. Enter a variation-specific SKU (leave blank to use parent product SKU) and select stock status (In stock, Out of stock).
      5. Enter regular and, if applicable, sale prices for each variation. Click Schedule to set beginning and end dates on sale prices.
      6. Enter Stock quantity and choose whether or not to allow backorders.
      7. Enter weight and dimensions for shipping OR leave blank to use the parent product details.
      8. Select a custom shipping class or leave set to “Same as parent”.
      9. Enter a description for the variation.
      10. Once done entering information for all variations, click save variations.
    6. Optional: click “Attribute and Variation” to close section.
  15. Click “Other Options” to set product status and visibility.

    1. Product Status defaults to “Online” which means the product will be published to your store when you click Save Product. “Draft” status means you can save your product without making it visible in your store.
    2. The Visibility field controls where your product appears: we advise to leave this field set to Visible.
    3. The Purchase Note will appear in the customer’s order confirmation email.
  16. Click the “Save Product” button at the bottom to save all product information.